Testing and Inspection of Oilfield Equipment

TCS provide proof load testing, visual inspection, non-destructive testing, functional checking, verification / calibration and pressure testing of oilfield equipment as listed below:

  • Inspection and testing of casings, tubing, bottom hole assembly (BHA), drilling pipes and etc.
  • Inspection and testing of wellhead equipment such as Cristmas tree, API flanges, safety valves, end connections, check valves, connectors/swivels, BOP’s and etc.
  • Inspection and testing of drilling equipment such as rotary drill stem elements, chains and strokers, well services equipment and etc.
  • Inspection and testing of rig hoisting equipment such as crown block, hook block, elevators, draw works and wire ropes.
  • Inspection and testing of lead production vessels, bolted tanks, field welded tanks, shop welded tanks, oil and gas separators, oil field heaters, fire box flame arrestors and etc.
  • Inspection and testing of well control equipment and pressure relieving devices.
  • Inspection and testing of heat transfer equipment such as heater tubes, heat recovery steam generators, fired heaters, heat exchangers and etc.
  • Inspection and testing of Pressure Relieving System equipment.
  • Rig and Derrick inspection

Our oilfield equipment inspection services are performed in accordance with international standards such as BS, ISO, API, DS-1, ASTM, ASME,  and etc.

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